Anyone heard of a 70 point board?

I found a cribbage board at the Goodwill that goes up to 70 points - has 70 holes??

It says pressman sure-lane on the front but it is set up like a traditional wooden board for 2 players- no colored "lanes" like the other pressman boards.

I can't find any information online.
Maybe it is a counterfit "knockoff"? Lol

It was only a dollar so I bought it as a joke, but then I read that some boards were used to score other games in "the olden days".

Anyone know why they made this? Thanks


Could see it if it was 61 points, but even scored boards do not allow for winning and there are no ties in cribbage.

70 point cribbage board

There are 60 pegs around the circle, go around twice for a game of 120. Are the extra holes in the middle or in a row up the middle? That could just be for storing your pegs.


I agree, it is most likely for scoring games or storing your pegs.