Antique Brewery Cribbage Boards

I am looking for an Antique cribbage board that has Potosi Beer inscribed on the board. I would imagine it would date to the depression, and one like it has been in our family for some time. Long story short, it was "taken to the grave" by a family member, and I am looking to replace it with a similar board. Any help would be appreciated.


Do you have a photo of the old board?

Newbie question

Consider the orderr of play when player 1 has one card unplayed, and player 2 has two cards unplayed. Player 2 says go, and player 1 plays his last card and the played cards are removed. Now player 2 has two cards and player 1 has none. How does play proceed?

Potosi Beer Board

I don't have a photo, but I can describe the board...It is a smaller board, about 9 inches long and 4 inches wide. It had a light, gunstock finish, and had the words POTOSI BEER written in between the holes length-wise. Pretty non descript board other that the Potosi Beer.

Just saw one at an old store

Just saw one at an old store in Wisconsin. How much do you want to pay?