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Cribbage Pro

Download Cribbage Pro (this link will work only on your Android phone)

Review by Robert Milk

Cribbage Pro (by Fuller Systems) for Android cell phones is a strong single-player cribbage game. It does not take ‘needless’ pairs and does not needlessly play into runs. It appears to have some strong logic behind it. Recently, I was surprised when it paired my 9 lead in the first play of a game, but later realized it had a pair of 9s with its remaining cards being an 8 and 10 so I realized it played the mathematical odds.

The graphics are clear and sufficiently large enough to see and select properly. The main improvement needed is to the board as it is not a standard board layout, two-track, or round-about, so you need to look at the positional scores, which are readily seen next to player avatar, to verify board position. The other improvement needed is with the pegs, the peg color is too close to the track colors, red/blue, to easily see. Neither of these detract from the game or more importantly to good cribbage players, the ‘skill’ of the game.

Cribbage Pro has a nice set of user settings. You select a User Name and select an avatar from a long selection of avatars. You can select from one of three table colors and the card style. You can also have it auto-play, but I did not test out this feature. You can select auto-cut the deck; if you do not select this option, then you must tap down on the deck to a cut position; a better choice might be to spread the cards and select the cut card.

What I consider the best option is the Computer Difficulty selection. You can choose between Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. I noticed that the computer ‘strategy’ matched the level. With these varying levels, Cribbage Pro, is for those learning the game up to those who are great cribbage players. I have attained the Grand Master rating in the American Cribbage Congress (ACC) and find that Intermediate Level matches good ACC Grass Roots club play and the Advanced level approaches the level of play seen in ACC Tournaments.

Fuller Systems, the company that developed Cribbage Pro even posted the logic used for dealing. This can be seen at

If you own an Android cell phone and like to play cribbage or want to learn the grand old game, the Cribbage Pro is the game to install for the Market apps. This cribbage player is going to play another game of Cribbage Pro.


Download Android Cribbage (this link will only work on your phone)

Cribbage by (Android Market link) is a free cribbage game for Android devices (ad-supported; there is a $1.99 paid version without the ads).

Here's top-ranked US cribbage grandmaster Robert Milk's review of Cribbage for Android:

For those of you with a cell phone running Android, such as the Motorola Droid, there is a free cribbage app. There are small unobtrusive ads on the bottom of the screen that keep this version free. This free cribbage app is available via the "Market" on Android devices.

This version of cribbage is a fun version that has the 'basics' built-in, but little in the way of strategy. For example, if you lead a 10, the app may play a Jack even if it has a King available. It is easy to practice 'trapping' cards and many times takes a needless pair.

It is not intuitively obvious when starting which color is the player and which color is the app. Once you have played a game or two you will know which color is always the player.

The one 'bug' I have seen is that the game does not always clear out a message before another message is displayed. I have played about 50 games and there have been no crashes or 'forced' close.

This is a fun game to play on your Android cell phone.

There is a 'pay' version which does not have the ads; other than no ads the games are identical; save your money and install the 'free' version.

Happy Pegs,

Cribbage for Android

As much as I'd love to have a good cribbage game on my Android as there is on the iPhone, this is far from it. Although it does play a legal game, I win against it 4 out of 5 times or better, and a couple of those are skunks. If you have an opponent that just knows the rules, this there is enough randomness in Cribbage that this should be almost impossible to do, but there it is.

I just played a game where it kept 4 points for his hand, but threw a pair of jacks in my crib, giving me a 16 point crib. I often have big cribs due to the computer's help, and the amount of poor card choices during the play is just staggering.

Yes, I can pound through a game pretty quickly, but I need my opponent to at least put up a little fight, and I'm not really that good. I wouldn't recommend this game, but it's the only thing out there right now.


Re: Cribbage for Android

Rejoice! There's now some competition in the Android cribbage market :D

Robert Milk kindly sent me a review of 'Cribbage Pro for Android', which I've added to the Android Cribbage page.

Yes, the new Cribbage Pro for

Yes, the new Cribbage Pro for Android plays _much_ better than the other game. There have been several updates, and it plays better each time.


New Game - Cribbage Pro on Android

First, if this post is not appropriate here, please let me know and/or remove it and I fully understand.

Seeing your post, I wanted to let you know that we (Fuller Systems) have recently published a new Cribbage game to the Android Market - "Cribbage Pro". We have tried to address the deficiencies we have seen in other cribbage games, and think you will find this version to be much improved. Also, we are still in beta and building out new features so please send us feedback on anything and everything!

To download Cribbage Pro for the Android, visit our web site and click the link to the market if you are browsing on your phone, otherwise search for us in the market for "Cribbage Pro".


Re: Cribbage Pro on Android

Hey Josh,

No, it's quite OK to post that, and thanks for letting us know! Maybe some of our Android users will review the game and post comments here. I can't test it out myself but I look forward to hearing the results!

Re: Cribbage Pro on Android - Thank you Robert

Thanks Robert for your review of our game, and for the great suggestions you offer as well. I really appreciate your perspective on the game play and quality of the game, and we are working on solving the game board layout items you suggest improve as well.

If you, or anyone else for that matter, has any other feedback or suggestions for the game, please don't hesitate in letting me know personally and we will do our best to address it.

Thanks again,
Josh Fuller
Fuller Systems, Inc.

suggestions for android cribbage

I would love to see multiplayer ala

I recently was turned on to and am playing with my droid against other droid friends and iPhone friends in addition to being able to play online. The online/browser component is not a necessity to me, although being able to play online via javascript would allow multiplayer w/o having to write 2 apps.

Either way, multiplayer across cell phones is COMPLETELY addicting!

Please consider this feature.


Multiplayer is coming soon....

Jim, thanks for your suggestion. We have actually been developing our multiplayer for Cribbage Pro on Android phones for a while now and it is getting very close to completing testing and feature build-out. Our team has actually been playing games fairly regularly on it without any issues, so it should be soon.

Following that for the Android phones, we do have other plans for other devices as well, but more on that front will come later.

Thanks again,
Fuller Systems Inc.



Thanks for the reply, VERY exciting to hear you are nearing completion on Android. I'll definitely be looking into it as well as your future plans to pull in (hopefully) iPhone users.


Multiplayer is now here on Cribbage Pro on Android

Well, you waited long enough - we just released the first go at Multiplayer for our Cribbage Pro game just a few days ago and thought we should update here. You can see what all is in the release on our blog post on the multiplayer release.

Still more to come, and we will keep you posted.

Thanks again,
Josh Fuller
Fuller Systems, Inc.

Just the board?

I think there's an app for the iPhone that is just the cribbage board, for those who like to play with real cards and just need to keep score. I'd like to see it ported to Android, with a focus on the artwork - a beautiful board is half the fun of cribbage.

Would love a "just the board" cribbage app!

Any devs out there? Either as a standalone or as an addition to any of the apps already available, I'm a little shocked this isn't around!

Another Update to Cribbage Pro

Just wanted to drop a quick note here that we have just released another update to the Cribbage Pro game for Android. Check the blog for a post on some of the details, but the major add is the new manual counting and muggins options.

-- Josh

You know what would be

You know what would be awesome though Josh would be *turn based* multi-player rather than real-time. How about a turn-based mode? :)

Re: Turn Based Idea

Well, that is the first we have had such a request, but we will look into it. Right now our systems are not setup to handle something quite that disconnected and so no promises.


Cribbage Pro now also on iOS (iPhone/iPod)

Just dropping a quick comment/note that Cribbage Pro is also now available with all the same great features on all your iOS devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad). Check it out and let us know what you think!


Cribbage for android player always has aces

Has anyone noticed that the computer player has an ace in their hand 9 times out of 10?

This game is like potato chips, you just keep playing, even when you want to stop.

Would like a muggins button!