2 Cards Left, other player is out.

Ok, I've only been playing for a week and I'm understanding most rules but there are twothat are probably very simply that I can't find an answer for.

Let's say that I play my last card and get 31. I score 2p. The score is now back to "0" and it's my opponents turn. I have no cards left and they have a 10 & 5. Do they get to play both cards and if so what is the score? 2p for the 15 (10+5) plus and additional 1p for the last card?

The cards are at 26, it's my turn as my opponent has said "Go". I have an A and a 3. What happens? Am I forced to play both cards for a total of 30? And if so, is the outcome that I only receive 1p for the "Go"?


Glad to hear that you are learning to play.

1. Correct. If you are out of cards, your pone can play whatever they have left in whatever combination they want and me able to score the points. In your example they would get 3, two for the 15 and one for the final Go. (last card)....but they could have more. Let's say that they were holding 10, J, J, J and you played a 4 and they played a 10 and you took it to over 21 and then played the rest of your cards. Then they get a total of 9 points, 2 for the pair, 6 for three-of-a-kind and one for last card.

2. Correct. You HAVE to play both cards and you only get one Go as you have played the last card closest to 31. If you did not play one or both cards, you are guilty of a Renig (renigging) and can be penalized 2 points per card that you did not play, plus lose any pegging points.

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