2 Cards Left

My question is what happens when the count is set back to ZERO and one player is left without cards and the other play is left with two cards. Also, what happens when these cards equal 15.

Here is my example:

Nancy - 10,J,5,9
Robert A,A,8,5

Nancy - 9 (9)
Robert - 4 (13)
Nancy - J (23)
Robert - 5 (28)
Nancy - GO
Robert - A (29)
Robert - A (30)

Robert collects his 1 point for "GO" and the count is reset to ZERO. Nancy has 2 cards left (10,5) which total 15. Does she get 2 points plus a point for last card, totally 3 points? Are there any "GO" points?

If her last cards total something else, lets say 14. Does she just play them both and get one point for Last Card or are there any additional points for a "GO"?


Your scenarios are correct. You get to play all the cards up to and including 31 and score the points that you score whether your opponent has cards or not.


Also Robert should have gotten his pair that he played, so he would have pegged 3. Nancy also gets to peg 3, for making 15 exactly and one for the Go. If it had equaled 14, she would have only gotten a Go. (card played last closest to 31). Remember that landing on 31 exactly is still only 2 points and includes a Go and a bonus for landing on 31. That's why you get 2 points!